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Solo shooting, writing, editing and storytelling 

Table Service: The Man Behind the Masterpieces

Fort Wayne is known as the city of restaurants but the food isn't the only artwork at some of the local eateries

*Emmy Nomination

Breaking the News on Fake News

We've heard A LOT about "Fake News" in 2016-2017. In today's digital age, can YOU tell the difference between what's real and what's not? Researchers at Indiana University are hoping a new computer program could hold the key to stopping the spread of "fake news."

September 11th Attacks: Fort Wayne's NBC and 21Alive Remember

In the events of 9/11 our country, our world changed forever. The attacks struck at the soul of our nation. While the tragedies happened hundreds of miles away, newsrooms everywhere including Fort Wayne's NBC and 21Alive worked tireless to keep viewers informed as the story unfolded. 

It's Not Just a Desk

November 2016 marked the start of Fort Wayne's NBC and the start of the new era. The change meant saying goodbye to something that's anchored the station to the community for more than a decade.

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