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Finding Dora

On the eve of Martin Luther King Jr. Day we highlight the search for the owner of an old photograph rich in symbolism.  The picture was found in a Milwaukee neighborhood, perhaps fittingly by a fair housing advocate who's working to eliminate racial disparities in a city recently identified by the Brookings Institution as having the highest black-white segregation in the country. 

Treasured items transformed into functional works of art

So often when things break or become old our first thought it to get rid of it, or throw it out. But what if you could make something old new again? Pauleen Le introduces us to a Brookfield couple who had a bright idea a few years ago to do just that, and it's turned into a labor of love in more ways than one.

Only a Matter of Time: A behind the scenes look at Omro's 122-year-old hand-wound clock tower

Daylight saving time ended overnight and it will be 126 more days before it returns. While many of our clocks can be reset with the touch of a button or reset automatically, we found a clock in a small town west of Oshkosh where turning back the hands of time takes more than a little effort.

Table Service: The Man Behind the Masterpieces

Fort Wayne is known as the city of restaurants but the food isn't the only artwork at some of the local eateries

Nora's Fight Part 1: Happy Birthday Nora!

2-year-old Nora from Huntington, IN was born with a rare form of Melanoma. It's so rare doctors say she's one in a million if not a billion. 

Mrs Pierces persistence to get Addison to The Voice pays off

Teachers do so much more than educate -- they INSPIRE. Meet Mrs. Pierce who encouraged Addison Agen three times to audition for The Voice and even drove Addison and her mom to Chicago for Addison's first audition last January. Addison finished as runner up on season 13 of the Voice.

Mr. Barber's Opus

The end of the school year means an end of an era at Homestead High School. Pauleen Le went on-on-one with Mr. Steve Barber as he gets ready to retire after 30 years as Band Director. 

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